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Now is the time to turn up the energy on your job search!

You Get Hired! Virtual Seminar is a proven success with job seekers. “It will assist you in becoming employed faster than anything else you do.” Said a former employed client.

This innovative, interactive, results-driven seminar will develop your self marketing plan and hone your abilities to secure your next career opportunity. It transforms the way individuals regain employment.

Image by Amy Hirschi
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• Why Am I Not Getting Offers and What Can I Do To Change?

• Why Is My Resume Not Getting Noticed?

• What Are The Search Tools That I Should Be Using?

• What Are The Mistakes I Am Making In The Interview?

• What Does A Plan Do To Help Me Get My Next Career Opportunity?

• What Other Positions May Match My Work Style?

• What If I Don’t Get A Job In Three, Six, Twelve Months Or More? What Then?

• What Alternative Ways Do I Know To Make Money Using My Passion?

• Why Am I Not Getting More Introductions To People With The Job I Want?

Answers to these and many other questions will be presented in this Virtual Seminar

• Thirty years’ experience in hiring, recruiting, career and organizational    change with hundreds of people in hundreds of companies.

• Formerly presented a Series for News 17 “At Work” Segment which ran  numerous times during the year.

• Formerly interviewed by WRAL News, News 17, and NPR nationally to assist the unemployed.

• Developed and facilitated an outreach ministry for the unemployed every  Wednesday morning for six years.

• Hundreds of people were hired from the outreach ministry, You Get          Hired! Seminar and working with the Coach individually.

• The Coach has a passion for helping the unemployed get their next          position.

Image by Amy Hirschi

For each client to become employed within three months or sooner of taking the seminar. You have to do the work.


Clients will have prework; engage in interactive, group experiences; receive instrumented feedback; partake in role-play, and assignments. You will receive a 65 page, TriMetrix DNA, custom report on your behavior, motivators, and competencies once you have completed the online assessment in your prework.


Six hours of Seminar, 65 page custom report, and assignments.


Group 1:

July 6, 8, 13, 15

10:00 am ET - 11:30 am ET;

Group 2:
July 6, 8, 13, 15

1:30 pm ET - 3:00 pm ET.


Zoom Meeting



This is a must have class for those looking to hone their job search skills. The class is for those who realize they need tosharpen some of their skills and the class will help you discover your personal needs. It is a great experience and realize you only receive from this class if you are prepared to work, and work you will! The work is intense, group oriented and you MUST participate. Linda and your classmates are all there to help you see things about yourself thatyou might not be aware of so you can improve yourself and increase your ability to land a new job! I think the participants developed a kind of "esprit De core" going through the class together and now are developing a method to hold each other accountable to keep moving forward in their respective job searches.
Andy Gilbert, 2011
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