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Coaching Overview

Coaching is a process which facilitates learning and development so that it can bring about an improvement in performance. The coach will have a set agenda to support, train, and guide a change in skills and behaviors for the client. Objectives and goals are covered in the initial session with them revisited over time. Assignments will be given in between sessions. Accountability of the client to the coach is key to achieving the desired results. Transformation begins here today.



Are you willing to invest in yourself and take stock of your situation, your goals and your willingness to pursue them with vigor?  In this role, the Coach acts as an advisor, sounding board, manager, strategist, and guide; also helps you increase self-awareness, expand your thinking, and uncover your potential. 

Business Brainstorm


Does your position require management, coaching skills or both?  Do you know the difference?  The Coach allows you to discuss specific challenges and opportunities in your work position relationships, identify when and how you need to coach or manage, and work on skills and strategies to improve them.  

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Do you know if you’re the right person to be doing sales?  The Coach assesses your behavior, values and sales competencies, provides feedback, and determines how to position you to achieve your sales goals. 

Business Meeting


Are you a person who thinks that getting the next right position is just a task and not a learned skill that requires a process to follow to achieve results?  The Coach will act as your coach and counselor through a process to make informed decisions about the required actions to perform to get your next position.

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Now more than any other time, the Job Seekers and their families need to know that they have support, encouragement, understanding, skill-building, introductions, and guidance in the pursuit of their next career position.  Plug Into The Job Seekers' Ministry! fills this need. 

Cheerful Business Meeting



I have recently had the good fortune to work with Linda as part of my career transition.  Linda is a results driven career transition professional with years of real world experience.  At the outset, Linda asked great questions to assess what my needs were and then laid out a clear action plan with specific deliverables to meet those needs.  Each time we met I came away with new assignments and clarity on what I needed to focus on next as well as new ideas for options I had not previously considered.  Linda is forthright and direct in her instruction - this approach comes from a place of sincerely wanting to help those with whom she works and inspires trust and confidence in her and her expertise.  I would recommend Linda's services to anyone who is going through a career transition.

Roy W.


Finding a job can be challenging and seeking a career can be even more so.  I have been lucky in that I had someone like Linda Leake to guide me through the twists and turns, the questions and negotiations and the emotional challenges finding a job and building a career entails.  Thanks much in part to Linda's guidance; I have a stable job and a successful seven year career. I could not have done it without her help.

Lauren T.

Female Developers

I want to thank you for the individual job search help I have received. Your help with my resume and cover letter has really boosted my confidence in the search process. I have gone from my old resume not making it past the first electronic screen process of most employers to now most of my resumes are making it to candidate status. This has been a huge encouragement for me over the past several weeks. I also appreciate the positive support you have given me when I was really discouraged and down. It has helped me maintain hope.

Stan N.

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