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Plug Into The Job Seekers' Ministry!

Are you hearing about all of the unemployed workers and wondering how to help them?


Have you been thinking about what you can do to stimulate your congregation and keep them engaged during these challenging times?


Are you aware that when Job Seekers lose work, their families lose wages, emotional and spiritual support? 


In Plug Into The Job Seekers’ Ministry!, Linda Leake presents the successful, tried, and proven Ministry that helped 1,000 unemployed workers get through one of the most challenging times in their life.


In Plug Into The Job Seekers’ Ministry! you will find:

  • The step-by-step process used to start a Ministry.

  • Descriptions and qualifications of the Leadership Team.

  • The Program which engaged encouraged and supported hundreds of Job Seekers.

  • Inspirations from those who attended and why the Ministry was so important to them.

  • A Tool Kit that gives you all the forms needed to get your Ministry started and keep it thriving. 


Plug Into The Job Seekers’ Ministry! provides a vehicle for Houses of Worship and their leaders to be proactive in helping and showing God’s love to the unemployed and their families.


Don’t wait.

Read this book and learn how to develop your own Job Seekers’ Ministry today!




I have been out of work for a couple of years now and really had no idea what I wanted to do next.  I had been trying to position myself as someone who had a lot of different skills and could do a lot of different jobs.  Linda helped me understand that today’s hiring managers want workers with specific skill sets to fill specific roles.  Through research, assessment and even some deep soul-searching, Linda helped me discover a direction that suits both my skill set and interests.  We have since worked together to put together an awesome resume which I know will help me get interviews in my new chosen profession.  I whole-heartedly recommend Linda Leake as an outstanding career change counselor and transformer!  She has done it for me as an individual; I know she could do it for companies as well.

Bryan C.


Knowing myself and where I want to go is critical to getting hired for the right job.   Linda's approach zeroes in on the essential skills to getting interviews starting with creating a resume that gets noticed. I recommend her course to anyone who is looking for a job or thinking of a career change.  Participating in her workshop provides focus, insights into today's job market and teaches the skills to succeed

Jeanne M.

Female Developers

Linda's methods and tools used to identify strengths and personality traits were of considerable value. The profile accurately pinpoints areas where one would find the most probable career success. I highly recommend her service and will call her again when my daughters are narrowing their choices for fields of study in college.

Dale L.

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