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Recruiting Overview

Are you a person who thinks anyone in the organization can do recruiting?  It is only about asking people about what is on their resume and asking them some questions about themselves.  Not true.  Recruiting is a trained skill and very few people who do hiring in organizations have the knowledge and ability to get the right people “on the bus.”   Selecting the right people for the open positions within an organization is the biggest Return On Investment (ROI) an organization can have.  High turnover creates invisible numbers that no one seems to have their finger on.  It very expensive to have to replace people in any role.  The Coach has hired hundreds of “right” people for many different industries and roles.  The Coach is here to help you and your organization.



Full Cycle Recruiting is a comprehensive approach to selecting the right talent for your organization.  It begins with the initial job requisition through the agreed upon candidate accepting the offer.  In some organizations it may also include onboarding.  In this instance, the Coach would be an outsourced contractor and would not be doing the onboarding.  Get the right person for your organization today!  

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Recruiter Training is available for any person in your organization who has been assigned to fill positions in the organization.  This may also be for an individual who wants to transition their career to recruiting.  This is interactive training where the person learns how to effectively do Full Cycle Recruiting so the right person is hired.  This can be individual or group training.  Click here for more information.




I would like to take a short bit of your time to recommend Linda's services.  Linda worked with me for several weeks on job search strategies, resume rewriting, and networking.  In fact, she recommended this group as an excellent resource.  Linda describes herself as "results-driven."  She is very straight -forward and accepts no excuses.  I highly recommend her program; I have had four interviews because of her assistance.  She is a highly sought after hiring coach because she is very good at hiring the right person.  After working with her I can say that if I saw a job that she was doing the hiring for, I would want to be extremely confident that I was THE best person for the job.  She can sift through the pile with precision.  I considered myself lucky to have been sharpened by her skills and not a victim.  She is good and very sharp.

Alan S.


During the time of my unemployment, Linda was an awesome resource for the right way to find a job. Her direct, no-nonsense approach to instruction left no doubt as to what I should be doing to make myself more attractive to potential employers. Even though the material could've been taught over an entire week and still not been exhausted, Linda did a fantastic job condensing the most important information and providing it to the class through an intensive two-day course. I would strongly suggest Linda's instruction to anyone looking to rejuvenate his resume and/or elevate her job search.

Lawrence S.

Female Developers

Linda is not afraid to tell you what you need to hear, even if you don't think you need to hear it!"   

Linda helped me to take an honest, introspective look at myself and my career, which was sorely needed.  This helped me tremendously in determining that I was best suited to continue pursuing opportunities in the financial field, where I have the most background and experience.

Jay T.

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