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Linda Leake

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As a Woman Business Owner, Linda Leake has been engaging with hundreds of businesses and helping thousands of people.  Founded by Linda in 1990, EXECUCHANGE has partnered with clients to increase profits, improve organizational changes, and make quantum leaps in individuals’ performance.  In 2004, Linda was named one of the Top 25 Women In Business by the Triangle Business Journal, Raleigh, North Carolina.  


With Linda’s Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts Degrees, her 40-year career includes successful experiences as a speech-language pathologist, leader, entrepreneur, executive, speaker, coach, recruiter, facilitator, mediator, inventor, and most recently author.  Before founding execuchange, Linda owned and sold three companies in healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.


As an active member of her community, Linda has served on 24 professional and civic organizations’ Board of Directors.  She has held various positions in the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), including the National Board of Directors, Facilitator, Spokesperson, Chair, National Vice-President and Board Representative, and President of the North Carolina Chapter.  Having been an active member of the Greater Raleigh Chamber of commerce, she has chaired the Small Business Council, served on the Board of Directors for eight years, and served on the Executive Committee.  She started a number of the Chamber’s most successful events that are in existence today.


Linda is at her best when she is serving others.  She coaches others to get measurable results and achieve targeted outcomes.


  • Lead Facilitator for Career Net and Career Transformation – Career Development of 800 -1000 people

  • Certified Mediator Training

  • Certified TriMetrix Associate

  • Certified Values/Driving Forces Associate

  • Certified DiSC Behavior Associate

  • Certified Sales Trainer, Carew Positional Selling



Having various work experiences and requiring more focused guidance, I benefited from Linda Leake's Career Transition Management work.  My resume and cover letter were improved from her objectivity when identifying my success stories.  She is perceptive in regards to individual personalities and concentrates on goals and strengths.  Additionally, she has many contacts in the job market and is aware of specific positions that are a perfect fit! 

Jenna O.


Linda Leake knows business.  Her keen ability to focus on the critical changes needed by her clients enables them to accomplish operational excellence for maximum impact. Working with Linda has strengthened my leadership skills, and her involvement with my team has improved our cohesiveness, strategic direction and results. She is amazing!

Katherine T.

Female Developers

If you are looking to restart your career after a setback, there is no-one better than Linda to give you a good kick in the right direction. She has amazing energy and drive, she forces you to re-evaluate yourself, she shows you the way forward, and she does not stop pushing you until you have achieved the result you need. Her "You Get Hired" workshop is absolutely the best.

Jerzey B.

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