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Executive Coaching

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Executive Coaching

Are you willing to invest in yourself and take stock of your situation, your goals and your willingness to pursue them with vigor?  In this role, the Coach acts as an advisor, sounding board, manager, strategist, and guide; also helps you increase self-awareness, expand your thinking, and uncover your potential.

Executive Enrichment

Sessions Include:

  • 1 - Introductory Coaching Call

  • 1 - Online Assessment to Complete

  • 1 - Coaching Session – Debrief Report

  • 2 - Executive Assessment and Planning Sessions

  • 4 - Executive Coaching Sessions Based on the Plan



  • Customized 95-page report on behavior, values, competencies and Emotional Quotient.

  • Report Debrief

  • Sessions based on planning and report results.

  • Assignments

Executive Coaching



  • 1 Online Assessment 

  • 1 Coaching Session to Debrief Report

  • Hourly Coaching Scheduled Two Weeks in Advance as Requested

Startup Room



I have worked with Linda on several projects over the past couple of years in the areas of Business Development, Sales Process, Leadership Development and Individual Development. Linda shows a true mastery of business challenges and a no nonsense approach to solving even the most complex problems. Linda is committed to generating results through people and process, but most importantly, Linda truly cares about the people. This personal commitment to helping others is a great gift that Linda brings to every engagement and why I consider her a friend.

Jonathon K.


Linda is one of the most objective people I ever met. Her ideas and philosophies are well balanced between what is good for the business and what is good for the people in the business. Linda is up-to-date and futuristic on business operations and personnel issues. She not only knows what is going on, she is always a step ahead! 

Billie R.

Female Developers

I have used Linda's services several times and she is extremely knowledgeable in the complexity of running and managing a business. She is timely and accurate. She is direct and when she engages her recommendations are spot on. 

Tom S.

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