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Management Coaching

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Management Coaching

Does your position require management, coaching skills or both?  Do you know the difference?  The Coach allows you to discuss specific challenges and opportunities in your work position relationships, identify when and how you need to coach or manage, and work on skills and strategies to improve them.

Management Enhancement


Sessions Include:

  • 1 - Online Assessment to Complete

  • 1 - Introductory Coaching Call
  • 1 - Coaching Session – Debrief Report

  • 2  - Management vs Coaching Skills 

  • 4 - Management Coaching Sessions Based on the Report Results


  • Customized 65-page report on behavior, values, and competencies

  • Report Debrief

  • Sessions based on planning and report results

  • Assignments

Management Coaching



  • 1 Online Assessment 

  • 1 Coaching Session to Debrief Report

  • Hourly Coaching Scheduled Two Weeks in Advance as Requested

  • Assignments

Colleagues Working in Office



Linda Leake has been the best thing that ever happened to our business.  Our Company is growing rapidly and we are hindered by a lack of communication and structure.  We needed to bring together a group of motivated, but highly individualistic people to function better as a high performing team in a very competitive field.  She analyzed our behavior and strength and weaknesses, taught and coached us in a two day seminar on how to build a team through change using behavior and consciousness of different styles, establishing an Action Plan for each person and more.  The results are measurable and amazing.

Judie S.


Organizational change is possible when members of the organization demonstrate the capacity to change on an individual level.  Linda Leake’s involvement with this firm enabled our employees to realize a fuller potential of ourselves and how that awareness translated to added value within our organization.  Through Linda’s training and coaching, our investment has yielded a maturing culture that’s organizationally faster, focused, and more flexible.

Chris G.

Female Developers

During our company’s off-site retreat, Linda Leake created an environment where all team members were confident that they could be honest.  It was this open discussion that helped us to set the direction of our firm and put in place new strategies to grow the business.  The retreat with Linda was the most effective team building exercise that we have ever done.

Patty B.

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