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Job Seekers' Ministry Tool Kit!

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If you arrived on this page, you have read the book. Thank You! 


I hope this achievement means you are ready to create your own Job Seekers’ Ministry! The Tool Kit helps you with all the forms needed to get  your Ministry started. These are the same forms you saw in the Appendices of the book.


With this Tool Kit, you won’t have to wonder how to write a press release. You have a  sample. There are forms for the Leadership  Team, the Program on the day you decide to have it, and Marketing Samples.


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Plug Into. Great words that mean turned on, a rapid flow of available power, fast transfer of information. There are no better words to use than those words to talk about the excitement one gets from starting a Ministry for Job Seekers.

This book covers many topics and questions you will need to consider starting a Ministry for Job Seekers and provides suggestions and tools which we have found essential in this ministry. You can apply many of the same tactics and principles to other outreach ministries your House of Worship might envision with the Holy Spirit’s leadership. This ministry is tried and proven successful as you will read in the Inspirations sections of the book from participants who attended.

Why wait? There is no time like the present to Plug Into and get your Ministry for Job Seekers started. Get together with your leaders in your House of Worship and take action to help those Job Seekers in need. You will be blessed, and you know the action of your leaders will bless them.



Having various work experiences and requiring more focused guidance, I benefited from Linda Leake's Career Transition Management work.  My resume and cover letter were improved from her objectivity when identifying my success stories.  She is perceptive in regards to individual personalities and concentrates on goals and strengths.  Additionally, she has many contacts in the job market and is aware of specific positions that are a perfect fit! 

Jenna O.


Linda Leake knows business.  Her keen ability to focus on the critical changes needed by her clients enables them to accomplish operational excellence for maximum impact. Working with Linda has strengthened my leadership skills, and her involvement with my team has improved our cohesiveness, strategic direction and results. She is amazing!

Katherine T.

Female Developers

If you are looking to restart your career after a setback, there is no-one better than Linda to give you a good kick in the right direction. She has amazing energy and drive, she forces you to re-evaluate yourself, she shows you the way forward, and she does not stop pushing you until you have achieved the result you need. Her "You Get Hired" workshop is absolutely the best.

Jerzey B.

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